Creating a proto-type illustration to help me figure out how to keep the story and illustrations cohesive.

These sketches will never appear in the book.

Next step: 

Thumbnails and story-boarding (simultaneously as I do the rest of my research study sketches); and character development.

You are welcome to check in regularly to see how my picture book develops.

The tools of my picture book preparation. Nothing high tech. yet!

1. Sketch book

2. Watercolour sketch book

3. Different colour fine liners

4. HB propelling pencils and lead

5. Red, Blue and Green Staedltler Mars propelling pencils and lead

6. Eraser

7. Tombow Mono eraser

8. Washi tape

You can read about my journey here:

A writing friend has assessed the manuscript, and revisions have been made. 

Having the manuscript assessed again to check that all loop holes and issues are sorted.

Research sketches help me 'learn' about the composition of my inspirations:

7 storyboards so far, and these are only text-based - working out page turns, pacing, etc.

The necessary 'grunt work ' of illustrating a picture book

How many times do I need to storyboard the manuscript before I am happy with it? 

Not a clue!

Auntie Betty Illustration - a journey through life with art.