These sketches will never appear in the book.

A writing friend has assessed the manuscript, and revisions have been made. The manuscript was then assessed by Green Leaf Press. 

A lot a work done on the manuscript after both assessments.

Character sketches in watercolour

The tools of my picture book preparation. Nothing high tech. yet!

1. Sketch book

2. Watercolour sketch book

3. Different colour fine liners

4. HB propelling pencils and lead

5. Red, Blue and Green Staedltler Mars propelling pencils and lead

6. Eraser

7. Tombow Mono eraser

8. Washi tape

You can read about my journey here:

Research sketches help me 'learn' about the composition of my inspirations:

7 storyboards so far, and these are only text-based - working out page turns, pacing, etc.

The very necessary, yet often unreavelled background work, of illustrating a picture book

Creating a proto-type illustration to help me figure out how to keep the story and illustrations cohesive.

Character Design - 

1. Quick, rough sketches of how I imagine the main characters look.

2. Developing each character: sketching the head at different angles, with different facial expressions, sketching the character in full, creating the character's wire frame for animating, sketching three different active stances (walking, running, slinking along - thanks, Nina Rycroft - check out her Skillshare courses!) and exploring other actions.

Two characters done - several more to go!

Next step: 

Thumbnails and story-boarding.

You are welcome to check in regularly to see how my picture book develops.

Auntie Betty Illustration

How many times do I need to storyboard the manuscript before I am happy with it? 

Not a clue!