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'Nymphalis vaualbum samurai (Compton Tortoiseshell or False Comma) - study, acrylics

Butterfly Study 8 - Apatura metis (Freyer's Purple Emperor) - acrylic
Butterfly Study 9 - Nymphalis vaualbum samurai (Compton Tortoiseshell or False Comma) - acrylic
Butterfly Study 7 - Argynnis adippe (High Brown Fritillary) - acrylic

Art work in:

  • Graphite pencil
  • Watersoluble pencil
  • Wax and oil pencil

'Argynnis hyperbius (Indian Fritillary) - study, acrylics

Butterfly Study 2 - Aglais io (European Peacock) - acrylic

'Argynnis adippe (High Brown Fritillary) - study, acrylics


and 'bon voyage' as you join me exploring illustration, art and picture books.

Below are some pieces of my recent work. Please visit 'Betty's Portfolio' and 'Picture Book Illustrations' pages for further samples of work.

Regards, Betty

Butterfly Study - Papilio maackii (Alpine Black Swallowtail) - acrylic

Papilio maackii (Alpine Black Swallowtail)' - study, acrylics

Aglais io (European Peacock)' - study, acrylics

Apatura metis (Freyer's Purple Emperor)' - study, acrylics

Butterfly, after 'Aporia hippia' - acrylics

Butterfly Study 6 - Papilio maackii (Alpine Black Swallowtail) - No. 2 - acrylic
Butterfly Study 10 - Argynnis hyperbius (Indian Fritillary) - acrylic

'Sea Turtle' - study, watercolour

'Maestro Flamingo' - character design, watercolour

Butterfly Study 3 - after Aporia hippia - acrylic

Butterfly, after 'Colias palaeno' - acrylics

Butterfly Study 1 - after Colias palaeno - acrylic

Auntie Betty Illustration - a journey through life with art.

Plebejus argus (Silver-Studded Blue)' - study, acrylics

Butterfly Study 5 - Plebejus argus (Silver-Studded Blue) - acrylic

''Flower Power Frog' - watercolour illustration

Papilio maackii (Alpine Black Swallowtail)' - study, acrylics